Intra-Organizational Collaboration made easy with eIntranet from Ektron

It is not unusual for companies to disallow their employees from accessing social networks like Facebook while at office. But information and knowledge sharing is always an important aspect of any business enterprise as evident from the survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan who pointed out that “36% of the overall performance of a company is driven by its ability to collaborate”. In the absence of a collaboration platform, employees struggle to establish a healthy relationship with their peers. This is where Ektron provides a solution.

Ektron, one of the fastest web content management solution companies, has come up with a brilliant proposition called eIntranet wherein organizations can create a professional social network for their employees that enable them to collaborate and communicate with each other just as they would do with their friends at home via Facebook and other social networks.

The activity streams perform a more professional execution of the Timeline concept wherein employees are able to view people, document statics based on who used them and when, project history map and so on.

It is indeed a powerful collaboration tool where employees can make use of Ektron’s widgets and open architecture to gain access to any Ektron functionality available on eIntranet. Collaboration on the go is also made possible thanks to the Mobile Apps that provide information about activity streams, just like Facebook notifications on your smartphone Facebook App.

In short, eIntranet provides an extra brain to Social Networking software by integrating office functionalities and workflow management tools into it.

Ektron is indeed set to bring about a new revolution in intra organizational social networking. If you believe that your organization can muster a healthy growth with the help of Ektron’s collaboration and content management solutions, then do get in touch with Suyati Technologies at As Ektron’s Premier Partner in India, Suyati Technologies has extensive experience in creating, managing, integrating and delivering Ektron Web Content driven solutions. The Ektron team in Suyati has also succeeded in creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) via its development and migration projects.



Author : admin Date : 25 Sep 2012