Is Brexit fast-tracking AWS and public cloud adoption?

berxit aws

A recent study by the Deutsche Bank Markets Research conducted among Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and partners reveal that AWS is now approximately 6x the size of Microsoft Azure globally. The research team even surveyed the trends of global public adoption of cloud during the 2016 AWS Enterprise Summit held in London. The research entitled “AWS/Cloud Adoption in Europe and the Brexit Impact” states a few ways by which Brexit will accelerate AWS and public cloud adoption:

Rise of European-based data centers

With the proliferation of European-based data centers, regions facing political instability will witness public cloud stability.

Greater control over data

Brexit is accelerating the needs European (especially UK based) enterprises have for greater control over their data.

Relatively lower costs

AWS is more cost-effective up-front and is increasingly trusted when compared to the more expensive on-premise platforms.

Cloud is a more viable option

Though it’s not the right time to predict the quantified impact of Brexit on European economy, it is expected to reduce the hardware and software maintenance costs for enterprises. Brexit will serve as a catalyst to public cloud adoption.

Impact on the AWS discount program

AWS runs the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) that gives price discounts to large customers who pay upfront and commit for a long term. In the wake of a European recession, Brexit will drive AWS to shed more focus on incentives for low and mid-tier services.

With these trends to onset, we can hope that Brexit will heavily leverage public cloud adoption.

Author : admin Date : 18 Aug 2016