Is Salesforce really the best CRM out there?

salesforce logoIf yours is a small or medium sized business, and aiming to achieve focused business results on a low budget, well then YES! Here are Salesforce’s award winning features that easily justify this confidence.

  • Sales – 30% increase
  • Productivity – 33% increase
  • Productivity from Mobile – 28% increase
  • Deal Size – 27% increase
  • Win Rate – 25% increase
  • Forecast Accuracy – 44% increase

Testimonials that successful users have written about their results after using Salesforce is all over the place. The key challenge is to dig out the most optimal of the multifold low-cost features of Salesforce. Focusing on a customer-centric strategy is sure to help. How?

Through brand building, customer loyalty and satisfaction, reduction in delivery channel costs, readily available CRM dashboards and a single one-point CRM database, to name a few.

Businesses could also use Salesforce’ New Salesforce Identity and Salesforce Touch Platform Services, a New Era of Social-Mobile Enterprise Apps. The former delivers “Facebook-like identity for the enterprise” – a single, social, trusted identity in the cloud across all enterprise apps while the latter allows companies to write once, deploy anywhere – turning every developer mobile.

How can you ensure that you have been adept at evaluating all aspects? To achieve best results out of minimal investments, and to ensure that you aren’t missing out on something crucial, contact the Suyati team to discover how to propel your business via Salesforce. Get in touch with us today!


Author : admin Date : 09 Oct 2012