Is your business safe in the cloud?

Most of us are big fans of cloud computing not to mention most of our departments are out there on the cloud including our admin, sales and marketing as well as HR! Recent events such as the disruption of services of Amazon’s data center due to a thunderstorm that knocked off power supply, and the Microsoft’s Azure cloud service going offline in Europe, sent out waves of tension amongst its customers, and possibly potential customers as well.

These incidents certainly fuelled debates on the vulnerability of the cloud to natural or manmade disasters and errors.

But if your business was run locally without a cloud computing model, then would it have resisted the same outages as experienced by Amazon and Microsoft? The answer is obviously a “No”. No technology made by man to date is ideal. Encounters with nature and man-made mistakes as in the case of Azure are most probable.

But Microsoft and Amazon did recover from their outage as quickly as possible and the disruption did not lead to loss of data as everything was backed up by their data team. However, this does give them a reason to put their thinking caps on to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. And given the nature of the big brands involved, they are sure to come up with some preventive strategy! While we cannot escape accidents and natural disasters, we certainly can adopt the best strategy for our business that protects our assets, and the cloud does offer a viable option.

Adopting the cloud might be the first step, but creating custom applications that work for your company is more than a couple of steps! If you are looking for a partner to create applications that help you exploit the cloud to your business advantage, visit us today!

Author : admin Date : 04 Sep 2012