All that you need to know about IT Outsourcing trends across the globe

Enterprises the world over are continuing to face skill shortage, whether in Sales and Marketing, Leadership or IT. In IT alone, there is a 21% skill gap due to budget constraints, lack of skill sets in the immediate market, lack of time and high attrition rates. If these skill gaps continue to exist, companies will experience poor future growth, inhibited competitive edge, reduced profitability and stifled innovation.

With organizations looking forward to drive down costs, improve efficiency and expand service delivery, outsourcing has garnered more relevance. The demand for outsourcing, integration and globalization of services has witnessed a remarkable increase. It is then no surprise that outsourcing is such a popular global trend. 62.5% of SMEs already outsource to (a) save time and money, (b) to concentrate on their core business better, and (c) to improve efficiency.

IT outsourcing trends infographic



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The rapid growth of outsourcing has drastically transformed the way businesses across the globe manage their operations. Availability of adept resources, access to right technology, and efficient infrastructure are the three major factors behind the success of outsourcing. IT outsourcing, in particular has been growing, and the core areas identified to be outsourced are Application development and hosting, SaaS, IT security and web operations. The clients can make the best out of outsourcing, if they could recognize the processes that can be potentially outsourced. In this way, outsourcing paves the way for enterprises to shift their operating models in order to shed more focus on other significant areas of their business.

Here is an infographic that takes a close look at the recent IT Outsourcing trends, benefits, statistics, and the future, besides offering a quick insight to Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team engagement model that is built on the principles of

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 23 Feb 2015