When Tragedy Struck Jammu & Kashmir: Hope in the times of agony

The fury of floods hit Jammu & Kashmir in September this year, leaving behind a trail of devastation. The massive expanse of water, submerged homes, people trapped on the roofs of their houses, and zero communication lines—it was a nightmare unfolding as all of India watched J&K getting engulfed in grief.

Just 15 months after the Uttarakhand tragedy, history was repeating itself at India’s north end and it was time for the rest of the nation to wake up and extend their emotional, physical and monetary support.

The deluge left 282 people dead, ravaged 2.53 lakh homes, affected 6.48 lakh hectare of crop area, and killed 61,326 cattle.

When disaster struck, many volunteers, mostly local youths, carried out rescue and relief work in the Kashmir valley, even while rescue teams from across the country gathered to save those who were stranded or injured.

HelpAge India shot into action within 48 hours of disaster declaration by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The organization spread its health relief program to 121 rural and urban locations across Jammu & Kashmir, providing over 29,000 treatments between the periods of 10 September to 10 October.

The locations covered seven districts; 200 health camps and ten mobile medical units were deployed. HelpAge India brought together a team of 23 doctors, 12 pharmacists, 12 Social Protection Officers, 12 drivers and 25 locally mobilized volunteers for the relief plan.

The Suyati family came together to offer a contribution of Rs. 1,00,000 to support HelpAge India’s efforts. This amount was utilized to purchase medicines, which were distributed to the flood-affected population in Kashmir. At Suyati, we are happy that we could offer our support; and we hope to be of help in the future.

The flood ravaged state is still grappling with the loss and it will take months to achieve any kind of normalcy in their lives. Yet, the people of J&K are holding on to their spirit of optimism. The prayers and support of Suyatians are with the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Author : Nina Nair Date : 11 Dec 2014