All you need to know about the Jitterbit Harmony Spring'15 Integration Cloud Platform

The convergence of mobile, cloud, social, and on-premises technologies create thousands of endpoints for any enterprise, and it is imperative for businesses to integrate these myriad disparate endpoints to ensure seamless business processes. To facilitate this end, Jitterbit released the Harmony Integration Cloud Platform in 2013. The platform offers enterprises a fast, easy, convenient and agile integration solution to effect integration among different applications and data for business processes spread over multiple disparate environment, into a network of commercially available mobile, cloud, and social endpoints. The platform resolves most challenges and complexities usually associated with the process and allow enterprises to leverage the many possibilities such integration offers.
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Enterprises may leverage the  Harmony Spring’15 Integration Cloud Platform to integrate their crucial business processes easily and in double-quick time. The possibilities are endless. For instance, the business may connect the cloud front office applications to an on premise ERP seamlessly, or provide real-time latest orders and invoicing data to call center agents trying to resolve a customer’s billing issue. A retailer may integrate multiple purchasing channels including brick and mortar storefronts, social media accounts, ecommerce stores, and more to provide the most accurate and up-to-date pricing as well as discounts and availability. This also unifies the consumer experience across these various channels.

Key USPs

While there are several connectors in the market offering essentially the same thing, what makes the Harmony Integration Cloud Platform especially popular is its delivery on simplicity while remaining powerful at the same time.

The platform offers unmatched flexibility and is extremely user-friendly. It has a neat and simple design to begin with and moreover adopts a graphical “Clicks Not Code” approach that provides non-technical users with a visual interface. Users may use this visual interface to design innovative processes that connect multiple endpoints, devices, partners, and geographies with considerable ease without having to rely on a developer.

What ultimately makes the platform the preferred option among technical business analysts, however, is its powerful capability. Harmony is a multi-tenant cloud integration platform noted for high speed, global scale, and reliability. All these are critical lifelines for today’s connected enterprises. With unmatchable speed, Harmony adopts smart clustering to deliver the fastest performance and guaranteed delivery.

Harmony also offers subscribers benefits of the cloud that are available as a unified subscription-based platform that can run integrations across three deployment options seamlessly without complex manual migrations. The plug-and-play runtime model on offer provides the most flexible deployment options. This elastic cloud agent network scales to meet real-time requirements and ensures secure local connectivity. The Harmony web console, complete with secure user and team based access permission, makes it possible for subscribers to control their applications from anywhere on any device. It offers an option for uploading 100% on the public cloud, any part on a private cloud, or even on-premises.

The New Spring ’15 Upgrade

Jitterbit has recently released an upgrade to the Harmony Integration Cloud Platform. The new Harmony Spring ’15 cloud integration platform includes many powerful additions and upgrades as well as the existing USPs of speed, reliability, and ease of operation.

Improved Speed, Reliability and Performance

The upgraded Harmony Spring ’15 delivers a new level of speed, performance and reliability when undertaking integrations. It is even more scalable than before, and supports even the most complex integration requirements.
• A new “Sonic Architecture” delivers major performance and reliability gains. The platform now offers the necessary scale, performance and reliability to handle real-time and events-based integration.
• The Reliable Messaging feature ensures that data reaches the intended destination even when the sender’s systems experience downtime or other issues.
Faster integrations with improved reliability and impeccable performance allow enterprises to connect several disparate endpoints spread across various departments and units, and enable the transformation of business processes that hitherto took hours or even days. Such real time integrations empower digital businesses using the platform to compete in the API economy effectively.

External Integrations

The Harmony Integration Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive integration lifecycle management with the full suite of enterprise connectors. The Harmony Spring ’15 upgrade incorporates a host of new external connectors and enhances existing ones, to make integrations even easier and seamless, and enabling enterprises gain greater power over the data they control.

• Harmony Spring ’15 incorporates the Salesforce Lightning Connect that facilitates real-time connectivity between the Salesforce1 platform and external sources. Users may implement real-time connectivity between Salesforce1 platform and external sources such as SAP ERP system, Oracle or any other database, and more. The advantage of routing through Jitterbit Harmony is the possibility of viewing data from such external sources in real-time without moving data. Users get point-in-time snapshots of up-to-the-second information.
• Harmony Spring ’15 has a new SAP Destinations Connector, which enables real-time process integration from SAP. This connector reacts to data changes in the SAP system and updates other apps linked to it, such as Salesforce, in near real-time. This makes it possible for users to generate easy-to-configure workflow for even the most complex business processes involving SAP and other cloud applications.
• There is a new Microsoft CRM Connector support for MSCRM 2015.
• The existing NetSuite Connector has been enhanced with broader search capabilities and improved performance.
• New LDAP supports connect, search and modify Internet directories.
Harmony Spring ’15 is unique in the sense that it not only allows users to manage the entire integration lifecycle on a single multi-tenant cloud platform, but it is the only single-platform cloud integration solution that empowers non-developers to design, deploy and manage many app integrations without having to write even a single line of code or having to purchase add-on products and components. The latest upgrade confirms the position of this platform offering maximum utility with greatest ease-of-use, fastest “go-live” time, and unmatched flexibility. All this comes at a very low total cost of ownership.

Jitterbit offers all existing Harmony customers a seamless upgrade to Harmony Spring ’15. New users may enjoy a free free 30-day trial.

Author : admin Date : 02 Jun 2015