Kentico 11 Focuses on Email Marketing and E-Commerce

Kentico 11 is on its way

With the goal to be in the forefront of CMS industry, Kentico has announced the release of its flagship product – Kentico 11. This new version has simplified core features to drive better usability for enterprise-level users. The product will be launched on Nov. 29, 2017.

According to Kentico’s director of product, Karol Jarkovsky, “The future of Kentico is going to be dual-rail strategy, which means the focus of this digital experience platform is to develop both Kentico Cloud and Kentico CMS in tandem.”

The two key focus areas of Kentico 11 CMS is email marketing and enhanced campaign management. The differentiating feature of its email marketing platform is the native integration with the data collected within Kentico. Version 11 has also a visual, widget-based email builder built into it. The enhanced campaign management tool will help marketers to delve deeper into their social referral traffic, to identify the channels and social posts that brings more traffic to the site.

What’s Kentico Cloud?

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-first digital experience platform, Kentico Cloud that can be easily integrated with any solution on any platform and on any device. It combines multi-channel content management and customer engagement, without having to tackle the technical challenges of running a CMS. Some of its attractive features include:

  • Multitenancy: a software architecture that runs on a server and servesmultiple users who shares common access and privileges.
  • Offers SaaS: subscription-based licensing model, where you pay for just what you use.
  • Enables omnichannel content delivery: headless capabilities that can deliver content to different channels-social, email, IoT, AR, VR and so on.
  • Technologically agnostic: is compatible with any development framework.
  • Integration to commerce first platform: an e-commerce store that focuses on B2C, especially the small to medium businesses.

For companies that are going through digital transformation, having agile tools to shorten time to market is the priority.  Kentico Cloud and the new offerings in Kentico 11, together will allow companies to focus on creating a great digital experience for their clients.

Jarkovsky said the company will launch Kentico 12 sometime in November 2018.

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Author : Deepa Nishant Sinha Date : 22 Jun 2017