Enterprise Edition 2.1: The latest edition by Magento


Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 launches a range of features to revamp your shoppers’ experience. These features include PayPal enhancements, cloud deployment, Responsive Design Reference Themes and ElasticSearch among others.

Modernize your shoppers’ experience with Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1

Towards late June, Magento launched the Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1, an ecosystem of technology and tools geared to revolutionize the way in which customers experience your brand virtually. They sought to do this by designing an environment of innovative tools which help you to optimize web content, to conceive outstanding marketing campaigns/promotions and to sell products.  The new edition has been a success as their current clients include names like Kurt Geiger, Venroy, Beaumotica, SOL, BookPal and SchoolHealth among others.

How Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 adds to customer experience?

  • Creates a Uniform Brand Profile

With the Responsive Design Reference Themes , you can build a shopping experience that is uniform across all mobile devices. The website can be optimized for different devices by using the already present themes. This will adapt the images, menus, checkout and other elements comfortably on laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Apart from being customizable, they are also touch-friendly.

  • Reaches for the Sky: Cloud Deployment

Magento has enabled deployment to the cloud with Enterprise Edition 2.1. Apart from designing impeccable brand experience on Amazon Web Services, you will also be able to customize the storefront heavily and layer it with extra security and scalability. To deploy your site, you can choose the best environment (cloud/hosted/on premise) to suit your brand.

With Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1, you can create, preview and schedule a spectrum of content through Content Staging. This can be applied to updates intended for products, promotions and categories. The rigorous usability testing makes the Magento tools extremely intuitive and simple to use, making the entire procedure well-organized.

The Timeline dashboard gives a complete view of all the schedules attached to your website so that campaigns can be easily coordinated to increase the sales.

The Preview feature allows you to look through all the alterations throughout the site filtered by store-view and date. You can share the links for the staged-content with your team, asking for reviews and simplifying the approval process. The changes made to checkout can also be verified through preview. Once you have scheduled the updates, they will be published on their own and also removed at the allotted time.

  • Expand Infinitely with Elasticsearch!

ElasticSearch is packed with features which will drive the conversion rates. Apart from support for over 30 languages, it also allows you to place ‘stop words, attribute weighting and search synonyms to bring forth relevant search results. It can also regulate large catalogs easily and thus, cater well to enterprises and large-scale merchants. Since ElasticSearch can be easily configured, you can get to the searching in no time.

  • Build Loyalty with Easy Checkouts: PayPal Enhancements

PayPal improvisations accompanying Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 will modernize the checkout experience and amplify your sales. This is made possible through the In-Context feature of the PayPal Checkout where the users can pay for their purchases without having to leave the website. PayPal dons high security and makes sure the saved Credit Card data information reduces safety issues.

  • Empowering the Admin with Magento!

The Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 comes with Admin search where you can swiftly find a customer and the order information. The Search Synonyms can be established across many sites without difficulty. Magento has reworked many forms to simplify the process to build products, categories and content.

Braintree can safely gather the payment information from the website directly through New Hosted Fields. This permits you to qualify for the simplest layer of PCI Compliance. Since the individual fields are substituted by Braintree, you will continue to have high control over the conversion rates and checkout experiences.

  • Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

In Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1, you will receive live updates on the shipping rates from UPS XML (account rates), UPS, USPS, FedEx (account rates) and DHL. Moreover, you can regulate sites rooted in different countries from the same environment with stable support for their respective currencies and local-tax rates. You can also use varying languages and establish the list of countries which are allowed for registration.

Thus, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 comes packed with loads of features to harvest high conversion rates and drive your sales up!

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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 14 Oct 2016