Launch of Suyati Technologies

Today, Suyati Technologies Private Limited, founded by Mukund Krishna, announced the start of its operations in Infopark, Kochi.

In 2005, Mukund Krishna founded and managed Ind-Sigma, a subsidiary of the US based Sigma-Micro (now Fifth Gear) a catalogue, mail order and ecommerce company with a rich 25 year old history. Mukund and his core team also created and built two state of the art facilities for Ind-Sigma in Kochi and Chandigarh and staffed it with a talented team of over 80 skilled in various technologies and verticals. 

The challenging global economic downturn of 2009 gave Mukund an opportunity to create a new venture during one of the toughest economic times. He seized this opportunity to create Suyati. When Ind- Sigma decided to downsize its operations in Kochi, Suyati purchased Ind-Sigma’s high end infrastructure, equipment and facilities and founded a full fledge operating enterprise. “The experience, knowledge and 

vision of our team put Suyati in a very unique position,” said CEO Mukund Krishna. “We will operate to the highest international standards from day one, and will be totally dedicated to deliver all projects with the highest standards of services possible within the approved schedules, budgets and specifications.”

Author : seo Date : 19 Jun 2010