Learning is a fun-filled experience here


Oct 5, 2015 was a day filled with lot of expectations, fear, and more over a relief of getting a job. After months of relatives blabbering about not getting a job after completing B.Tech, I had an answer to them and it was a pretty good one too, “I Work at Suyati”. Suyati may not have the charm and fame as the other MNC’s but the quality of the people here and their attitude towards us is simply awesome. As I entered the gate of Geo, I saw a small crowd gathered in front of the building, I asked them whether they were here to join. Suddenly their serious faces came to a big smile and I was more than relieved to see how happy they were as if they said “Welcome to the pack!” Yes, it was the group of trainees that joined with me and now they are my new family. At first it was difficult to accept, coming from college day’s friendship to a professional life friendship, there were many ways that it differed, the first two days was a struggle and then I got used to it. Strange faces became familiar faces very soon. We could feel that unity within us and among the employees of the company.

Coming to the sessions held at Suyati, I would like to categorize to the following:

Professional .NET Sessions

At first, when Sandeep took the .NET session, we went through the core basics of the .NET framework. It was a solid session for us. It was then followed by fun sessions held by Shibin, Nidhin and Shamnad. The sessions witnessed knowledge sharing in a fun-filled way.

Fun filled soft skill sessions

Leading the team, Revathi madam impressed all of us during first class. I was sure that the session to follow will be filled with fun and awe. As we expected it was humor filled, but it added values to the personal and professional life. Whether it had to be speaking, writing e-mails, financial planning or managing body language, everyone in the respective domains showcased their expertise.

BA Sessions

Headed by Praveen, Naveen, Rassal and others, we all got to know what happens within the organization. Praveen’s skill to relate concepts with real world examples is simply great.

Overall the journey and experience with Suyati has been tremendous. Time just flew by, right now sitting on the last day of training I cannot believe that I am saying “Working is Fun”..!!

Author : Mohamed Haseeb Date : 05 Feb 2016