Leveraging India for Innovation

If you thought outsourcing to India meant cheap programmers, it’s time to think otherwise. India has been providing offshore services for almost two decades now and service providers are rapidly moving up the value chain. Established US and European product and service companies are doing both process outsourcing and R&D out of India.

These big players have the financial wherewithal to enter India in a big way, attract top talent through branding and retain them. Companies like Microsoft, Google, GE, Siemens, Cisco, HP, etc. are making R&D investments in India and getting results. 

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However, small and medium size companies don’t have this luxury. But at Suyati, we believe we can help these companies leverage India for their high end product development innovations by creating an extension of their R&D in India through our Dedicated Global Team model. We have helped companies like Sigma Micro (now Fifth Gear) do just that. 

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A Dedicated Global Team for a Self-Publishing Giant in the US


Author : mkrishna Date : 05 Jun 2010