LinkedIn – Professional networking unsecure?

As the most sought after website for connecting people across geographies professionally, LinkedIn has become one of the fastest growing companies of the year.  But the recent password theft incident at LinkedIn has caused serious damage to its reputation, as over 160 million users wait for LinkedIn to comment on the whole incident.

With accusations coming from security analysts, LinkedIn is still trying to control the situation with ongoing investigations about how criminal hackers got access to 6 million passwords on underground websites. Customers were also sent notifications once news of the security breach started surfacing.

Some analysts also continue to question security practices at LinkedIn, as they say that a major Internet company should have prepared for situations such as these. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn does not have a chief information security officer or a Chief Information Officer, which are typically individuals who oversee security functions at an organization.

Others believe that passwords were not encrypted with a sophisticated algorithm, leaving the passwords susceptible to easy access from hackers with moderate level of skills and other computer resources at hand. Whatever may be the case, LinkedIn stores data of millions of professionals worldwide and therefore, is a lucrative data source for data thieves as well.

LinkedIn’s experience is something to go by for all of us who have our fingers in the IT pie. We have clients and partners depending on us, not to mention the IT business we nurture towards growth and profits every day. It just requires one security breach for the carefully stacked deck of cards to come tumbling down. Security is a part of the investment we make towards guaranteeing our revenue, and a very important investment at that. Explore placing your need in the hands of a trusted and experienced partner who handles your IT security needs, while you focus on business strategies. If you would like a partner who can handle your security for you the way you would, then look no further than Suyati. At Suyati we have wide experience and expertise in Security Testing that addresses the critical security challenges encountered by our clients across the globe. To know more visit

Author : admin Date : 13 Jun 2012