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The economic recession has had Small and Medium companies (SME) in Germany and in other European countries trying to hold on tight against the inexorably escalating costs of operation. SMEs  which comprise over 59% of the EU economy face a hyper competitive environment today and are looking for a partner to help them grow.

Take a look at some of the key findings on the German ITO experience: (Source – IT Sourcing Europe)

The top reason for German companies to outsource is to reduce operating costs and understand that outsourced development is critical for cutting down costs, and increasing speed of development. But at the same time, German SMEs are concerned about IT vendors who cause delayed delivery and fail to meet deadlines, lack management of project quality, and deliver over budget, and with hidden costs.

Suyati’s DGT can help

Suyati Technologies is a SME that believes in constant innovation and encourages creativity and dedicated effort. Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team Model (DGT) allows SMEs to collaborate with Suyati in extending mutual success and profitability. In other words, Suyati makes it easy for a company that works in Germany to create a virtual extension of its development team in India through the DGT approach.

Advantage to SMEs

Suyati will create a team of IT professionals from scratch, based on the company and the project requirements.  The right candidate for the position would be chosen after an exhaustive set of interviews and eventually meet the client, after which they would work at Suyati as their employee.

This minimises risk for the German SME that has chosen to outsource its projects. Suyati also offers the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and the Joint Venture (JV) options for an offshore client who wishes to retain his carefully handpicked team in India for future projects.  Suyati also offers to share the risk, under certain conditions, to help the company reduce its set up costs.

Would like to know more about Suyati’s DGT model? Our team is in Germany from March 1st until the 10th, and can meet with you at your convenience. If you want additional information, or our free e-book on “IT challenges faced by Germany, and how Suyati’s DGT can overcome those challenges”, email our Team at services@suyati.com.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 15 Feb 2011