Make mobile the New Face for Customer Engagement

Have you redesigned your business processes to facilitate mobile engagement? If not, you are in danger of losing out, no matter how strong your customer engagement strategy happens to be.

The rapid proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices makes mobile the new face of customer engagement. The fact that the customer has access to the company through his or her pocket, at all times, is a tremendous opportunity, but companies can leverage on such opportunities only if they design for mobile first.

One may mistake mobile engagement as basically re-imagining whatever engagement initiatives in the offing to suit a touch screen device. The mobile however is not just a smaller version of the web. The scope of mobile engagement is much wider and deeper, and extends to helping people take the next most likely action. It requires anticipating what customers try or need to accomplish and ensuring that they can do that through their mobile.

A good example is the American Airlines app on iPhone. The app interface changes based on the context. For instance, it lights up action buttons such as “check in” and “boarding pass” depending on the time of the user’s next flight, detects any connecting flights and provides information about the gate number of such a flight, a coffee shop convenient to that gate, and much more.

Such an all-encompassing mobile support is however easier said than done. It requires making mobile not just another channel for customer engagement but rather incorporating mobile engagement to the business design itself. Organizations would have to streamline their business processes, or divide business processes into small chunks, so that customers can access or interact with the specific component they require easily.

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Author : admin Date : 16 May 2012