Making the right investment in your Transformational Projects

It’s that time of the year when companies plan their internal investment strategies and decide on how and where to invest. For enterprises investing in internal IT, the areas to invest in are numerous; the mainstream or core sector which involves traditional IT services – app development, web outsourcing etc, and the new or transformational areas like big data, cloud mobile, and social media.

Most companies give importance to core, and then, transformation areas. The risk is certainly less in the former. And the rewards (returns) are predictable. However, if we were to go by facts and figures, transformational technologies may be the best bet for a high return investment. Take cloud for instance, Cloud computing sector is expected to be worth $16.7 billion by the year 2013. The big data market, in India alone, will reach $680 million by the year 2015, and the growth of social media is evident and hard to miss.

If you want to minimize insecurity, and maximize the rewards, here are a few steps to guide you in making the best investment in your internal projects:

  • Choose technologies that you can incorporate into your already active services without removing and replacing existing technology. Focus on technology solutions that can enhance your products and end user experience.
  • Choose ideas that promote innovation and leads to the creation of new business models.
  • Invest in trends that can enhance your productivity or increase your cost savings or both.
  • Instead of opting for one technology, apply a combination of more than one transformation technology. Like investing in cloud, and using mobile application management, to enhance IT agility, cost effectiveness, and “mobile” productivity.

Decision to implement Transformational technologies can be tricky but avoiding these decisions can close an avenue for new markets, new products, and increased productivity. Engaging with the right technology partner can help reduce the confusion to some extent.

If you are looking for such a technology partner for tranformational solutions, Suyati Technologies would like to extend our hand. Our process oriented approach and expertise in delivering innovative applications and solutions will help us steer you on the right track!

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Author : admin Date : 05 Sep 2012