Suyati’s Marathon Men and Women!

After years of advice from Vincent (our HR Director) that ‘you need to come up with solutions for the long run!’, Suyatians finally got the chance to show him that they’re always ‘in it for the long run!’ Two marathons , and hundreds of practice-kilometers later, Vincent was quiet. Now, whether that was because he was ‘silenced’ by the big effort, or whether he was breathless after topping 7th in the senior veteran category, is debatable! 😀

But, all said, it was massive fun, and a herculean achievement. We’re proud of our marathon boys and girls!

So here’s our light hearted photoblog on making the long run count. The first part is the Muthoot Mini Marathon. The second is the Spice Coast Marathon.

Author : Subin Jacob Date : 23 Jan 2015