Microsoft Azure announces the preview of N-Series Instances

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Microsoft Azure announces the preview of N-Series Instances

Microsoft Azure releases the preview of its N-Series Virtual Machines (VM), the fastest Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in the public cloud. The preview is now available for the developers to use in the Azure public cloud. The giant had first announced the launch of N-Series in September 2015.

These new instances arrive in two categories: NC series and NV series. The N-series instances are powered by NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs that enables you to run GPU-accelerated workloads. Microsoft has collaborated with NVIDIA to deliver these capabilities in Azure. This association makes sure that the virtual machines are optimized to deliver their best. NC series makes use of Nvidia Tesla K80 GPUs, which supports compute-intensive processes. The second category- NV series depends on Nvidia Tesla M60 and Nvidia Grid GPUs, heavily meant for visual workloads. All these work in collaboration with Intel E5-2690v3 chips.

Initially, the new instances will be available only in Azure’s South Central US (Texas) region. According to Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management at Azure, “This SKU … offers the fastest computational GPU available in the public cloud.” Read more.

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