Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI suite takes shape at UG Summit 2018 

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Suite is proof that the Dynamics 365 brand wants to bring in AI to traditional CRM and ERP solutions. In the D35UG/CRMUG Summit, the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 AI solutions – AI for Market Insights, AI for Customer Service, and AI for Sales were demonstrated to be capable of delivering real-time uses of Microsoft cloud technology like bots as a service, machine learning models, cognitive services, and data analysis.

Microsoft CVP James Phillips said in his Summit keynote, “drives proactive processing [and takes organizations from] forms and reports to a world where data from LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, and transactional systems is used to transform customer engagement processes.”

AI for Market Insights

AI for Market Insights has capabilities like monitoring social data, trend spotting based on sentiment analysis, building influencer segments, identifying leads in CRM , all of which that stems from Microsoft Social Engagement.

Both Social data and Bling are used as raw materials in AI for Market Insights. Machine Learning plays a major role in identifying trends.

Market insights is also expected to identify the customer intent based on sentiment analysis. This will help sales team or the concerned to engage with such leads accordingly.

The team might also work against gender bias. Auto-generated segments of the social media audience which currently show an inclination towards males may be refined and filtered them further to pursue individual conversations that have strong female followers.

AI for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service monitors support request flows, from start to finish. Virtual agent bots are purpose filled bots that are able to handle specific requests. These agents’ resemble the Microsoft Flow authoring interface. Business experts and not developers are to define the right “if-then” types of rules and dialogs as to when calls should be routed to bots or live agents.

AI for Customer Service also include analysis of data across systems to identify issue topics based on data analysis across systems and their flow through the service team.

Microsoft as well as companies like HP and Macy’s have started experimenting with virtual agents with own customer service teams.

Says Hertogh, “These AI apps can work with Dynamics 365 or, in the future, with other case management systems.”

AI for Sales 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales review aggregate information on sales quota status and pipeline health to identify high risk deals.

Managers are also given access to sentiment analysis, where the app has access to communications between sales reps and customers. This helps in gathering more information.

At the Summit, Hertogh and Darby Martin also assured CRM users that Microsoft complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations around the world. Microsoft will not breach personal privacy when applying AI across these information sources, most of which are tied to people and their personal data.

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20 Nov 2018
Author : Preetha Tojy