Microsoft gives a new Outlook for its email system

With Social networking giant Facebook launching an email service of its own from its message application, Microsoft’s Hotmail was finding it hard to gain new fans. Microsoft changed Hotmail to give its email platform a totally different ‘Outlook’ as well.

One of the prominent additions to the new email client system is integration with Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Outlook is designed to dig up information of the sender from social feeds and display at least their profile pictures, which by the way is done quite effectively by rivals Gmail and Yahoo Mail. No longer do you have to get irritated because of the rather fuzzy advertisements seen in your personal emails as they are now reserved only for business and other automatically generated emails. The new email system is clever, according to Microsoft, and they claim it will automatically provide an unsubscribe button to advertisement and other promotion mails to help you get rid of the menace once and for all.

Nevertheless the interface is now much simpler, and takes you directly to the inbox interface like Gmail does. You can easily port your Gmail address to Outlook and continue to send mails from Gmail while Outlook handles everything backend. Tracking your orders is easier with automatic notifications that take you directly to the tracking website.

In all Microsoft has done a fairly good job in giving a new lease of life to Hotmail. Outlook aims to hit the 1 Billion user mark in the near future and the totally cool new service might just get them there.

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Author : admin Date : 21 Aug 2012