Microsoft introduces Insider Community Blog to boost Windows 10 development


Microsoft’s ardent fans and followers might be quite familiar with the Windows Insider Program that allows users with valid Windows 10 license to gain access to early builds and previews of Windows 10. Those in the Insider Community Blog Program can test previews of Windows 10 and suggest improvements and new features which will be adopted and integrated into the OS as required. The new year 2017 looks at the possibilities of leveraging this Insider Program with the introduction of the Insider Community Blog. Those who are in the Insider Community can share their thoughts and provide more useful insights on developing and optimizing Windows 10. This will be in addition to making the new Windows 10 available for testing and feedback.

Dona Sarkar, Windows Insider Program chief states that the Community Blogging feature will “encourage Insiders to do even more to use tech to make a lasting impact in the world”.

Microsoft had launched #WINsiders4Good campaign in 2016 with the aim to identify how the enthusiasts, who are already contributing to improve Windows 10, could collaborate and work together to solve wider problems using their technical expertise. Later, Microsoft realized that such efforts could even go beyond just Windows 10 and they have renamed this campaign to #Insiders4Good.

Checkout the new Insider Community blog here. Dona Sarkar states that the blog is “a way for us to talk to you, for you to talk to each other and for us to talk to the outside world about our various projects, passions, and challenges.” Microsoft considers that the Insider Community blog is the first step in its plan to facilitate communication and collaboration among Insiders. The blog currently features guest posts from Insiders as well as other users. In the coming days, the #Insiders4Good blog will focus more on the community and project aspects of the Insider program, while the Windows Blogs would continue to update all kinds of Microsoft users and the public on the various developments, activities and will also share insights on what’s happening with Microsoft.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 02 Jan 2017