Microsoft Stream Preview is now available to users

Microsoft stream

Microsoft has released the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new video service for businesses. The preview is now available to users. An official note from Microsoft states that this product allows businesses to easily access and discover video content company wide. The Official Microsoft Blog describes, “Stream democratizes access to and discovery of video at work.”

Stream is expected to simplify video management, thus aiding users to collaborate and interact with videos in an unforeseen way.  Microsoft is planning to converge Stream with Office 365 Video ultimately. This will gradually make Stream the factual video experience within Office 365. This will not be featured in the current preview available.

Sign up for the Stream preview with your business email address and start uploading and sharing videos. Stream is one of the recent steps in the productivity strategy of Microsoft, and it is expected to resolve repository barriers. When Stream is out in the market, we can expect that it will transform videos to a core content type in the enterprises. Read more here.

Author : admin Date : 20 Jul 2016