Microsoft unveils its most flexible Office Suite – especially for mobile

Microsoft seems to be in a transition phase as almost their entire flagship product lines are undergoing change from the age old classic Windows style to modern age software solutions. The all new Windows 8 OS is set to replace the Windows 7 as their flagship OS and Microsoft wants to add more spice to the OS by launching an all new avatar of its Office Suite. The Office 2013 is a part of Microsoft’s growing ambition to get all its products on the cloud as well as make them more Tablet and Smartphone friendly.

The Office 2013 is particularly noted for its compatibility with touch screen devices with more touch-based gestures available for various editing and management tools. This makes it more Tablet and Smartphone friendly even though it is still a mystery as to why Microsoft did not release a version for Android and iOS platforms also considering that these two are the dominant forces in the Touch Screen world.

Next big thing about the Office is its integration to the cloud. Users no longer need to buy or download the Office Software as they can subscribe to a cloud based version called Office 365 which lets you use Office 2013 with just a web browser. Of course you do get some free storage with it in addition to the free storage of 7 GB offered to any new user on Microsoft’s own Skydrive cloud service.

The new Office suite has been welcomed with positive reactions across the tech world with several critics stating that this is the most versatile Microsoft product yet.

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Author : admin Date : 22 Aug 2012