Why You Should Not be Missing the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Learn. Network. Grow. Accelerate: A whole world of exciting experiences at the Microsoft WPC event at Orlando

WPC 2015_Meet with Suyati


The 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is scheduled between July 12 and 16, at Orlando. This landmark annual conference by Microsoft for the benefit of its partner community always attracts its fair share of excitement and opportunities.

Taking a cue from the previous events, especially the 2014 WPC event at Toronto, here’s what to expect at the 2015 WPC Orlando:


Every year, Microsoft uses WPC to set down its roadmap for the upcoming year. New announcements relating to product innovations, changes, and more are the norm. for instance, the hot topics at Toronto were Windows 8, the Windows Phone and Office 365.

This year again, channel partners can expect to profit by getting the most accurate and latest information directly from Microsoft’s top leadership. First hand insight on what’s coming next and how to capitalize on such emerging opportunities will offer attendees a rich competitive advantage so vital in today’s competitive environment.

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The core of WPC is the plethora of sessions including keynote addresses, general sessions by featured speakers, business-track specific offerings, and many other sessions. Attendees gain by listening to the leading visionaries and innovators of the IT industry speak on the latest and most relevant topics pertaining to the industry.

True to form, Microsoft has lined up hundreds of industry leaders, motivational speakers and successful professionals across the spectrum to speak on emerging trends, best practices, success stories, looming challenges pertaining to their businesses and much more, at WPC 2015. WPC 2015 departs from previous WPCs; apart from leading voices in the industry, senior Microsoft executives are also stated to address general sessions. Another first in WPC 2015 is repeat sessions for those who miss the first session!

Some key speakers stated to address the gathering at WPC 2015 include Satya Nadella, Kevin Turner, Phil Sorgen, Tommy Caldwell, Susan Ershler, Tim Hurson, Whitney Johnson, Kevin Jorgeson, Angee Linsey, Kris Plachy, John Rudow, Matthias Schranner and more.


The “Commons,” a core part of the WPC, offers an Exhibitor and Sponsor area; it is a rich treasure house of the latest technology has to offer. Attendees of WPC 2015 can expect to connect with brands, explore offerings and experience awesome demos from the hundreds of exhibitors and sponsors who have set up stalls here. Successful partners share their best practices, and attendees can latch on to them to learn new skills and technologies, besides get a sneak peek into what the future holds.


WPC has always been a great place to network and build connections to take business forward.

The “Commons,” offers a platform for attendees to network. Dedicated regional lounges make it easy for them to interact with peers, company representatives, and Microsoft experts from across the globe. Each regional lounge offers plenty of events and other opportunities where attendees may connect with partner peers and local Microsoft team of the region.

“Connect,” a popular fixture in the “Commons”, provides opportunities for structured networking opportunities onsite. The Connect Networking area makes it easy to arrange meetings with others. The WPC Connect Meeting Scheduler tool allows attendees to request and schedule meetings, and reserve tables, all online even before setting out to Ontario. Attendees may also seek the help of dedicated staff at the check-in desk to reserve a table at available time slots.


A big reason for the popularity of WPC is Microsoft going out of its way to entertain attendees. The regional nights and its ravishing parties, complete with pop musicians, exotic food and more not just offer an excellent chance to unwind and have a blast after the day’s power packed schedule, but also offer a great opportunity to network and make new friends in its own way.

The icing on the cake is Microsoft having reserved Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the whole night on Wednesday, July 15, starting 19:30 hours, to celebrate the power of partnership. This Disney World experience is only for WPC attendees and their families.
Suyati at WPC

This year, Suyati Technologies will be attending the Microsoft WPC event. We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities to “Learn. Network. Grow. Accelerate.”, keeping with the spirit and theme of the conference. Having analyzed the keynotes, sessions and main event activities that would take place at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, we expect Microsoft WPC 2015 to be a great platform for new possibilities. We hope to build new connections, participate in and learn from fresh discussions, and come away richer in experience and relationships.

What’s more, if you would like to meet us and get to know Suyati better, do drop us an email at jghosh@suyati.com . Our General Manager, Rajan Shankar, will be more than happy to give you an insight to Suyati’s services and discuss how we can work together.

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Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 26 May 2015