Microsoft’s Surface Phone is here to surprise!

Microsoft’s Surface Phone

Tech-savvy consumers are always on the look-out with bated breath for innovative products hitting the market! Capturing the interest and intrigue of such customers, Microsoft is on its way to enter the mobile market in an all new fashion through its Surface Phone. Although Microsoft Corporation hasn’t had huge success in the mobile market, with its latest offering up its sleeve, the software giant hopes to make a significant breakthrough. Touted as the “ultimate phone”, news about Microsoft’s flagship phone has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. Early this year, while speaking to Australian Financial Times, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella had indicated that the company wants to particularly focus its energies and efforts on developing a sophisticated smartphone possibly aimed at providing specific and significant value to the business market rather than competing in the regular commercial mobile gadget market. There have not been specific press events from Microsoft about its launch but the Internet has been abuzz with rumors about its release accompanied by leaked pictures of its prototype.

Probably in a bid to lay rumors to rest, Microsoft had bought a domain name called Surface Phone technically confirming the prospective release of this “ultimate mobile device”, even as the technological world waits in anticipation.

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is likely to unveil three models of the Surface Phone early 2017. Rumors suggest that the Surface Phone will primarily target business users who form a large segment of the corporate smartphone industry.

Let’s take a sneak-peek at the probable features that the phone could boast of and thereby stand testimony to the “ultimate” moniker that it has been earning all along.

Three variants catering to particular segments

The Surface Phone from the Microsoft line-up is speculated to include the following three variants:

  • Consumer model: This could probably be the most awaited priced possession that every gadget geek would dream owning.
  • Business model: In all likelihood, this would be targeted at large-scale business users as a significant replacement of the Blackberry.
  • Enthusiast edition: As the name indicates, this could ideally be a power user device that serves basic smartphone functions running on cutting-edge technology.

 RAM and storage

It is suggested that the Surface Phone, in all its variants, will have a 5.7 inch screen display and will be run on a Windows 10 Redstone operating system. Ensuring that it doesn’t fall short in departments such as memory and storage, it is speculated that the base model will come with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, while a mid-range would come with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. What’s most flaunt-worthy is the speculation that the third variant is expected to come with a whopping 8GB RAM and 500GB storage. Although slightly dreamy, unrealistic and too good to be true, it is certainly bound to keep the excitement alive and keep technology enthusiasts’ guessing game on!

Pen-based computing

According to reports, taking a cue from Samsung, Microsoft’s Surface Phone is said to come with a pen and a removable keyboard. This is an attempt to accessorize the phone in such a way that will make professionals as well as business users more tech-savvy and also increases their dependency on the device. The Surface Pen seeks to create a niche and thereby offers a more precise and accurate input method though pen-based computing, while also including the ability to connect the Surface Phone to removable external hardware to run full desktop applications such as Office 2016.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

The latest tidbits of information about the Surface Phone indicate that the much awaited device will use Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip and will run a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile. To bring a high level of productivity, Microsoft’s Continuum feature will be used and the potential of Windows 10 to run a desktop PC-like environment on a large screen from a smartphone would be tapped efficiently.

Fingerprint Sensor

Yet another speculation around Microsoft’s Surface Phone is the concept of a unique fingerprint sensor that the phone is said to come with. In line with Microsoft’s latest patent registration, reports suggest that the company is planning to integrate a fingerprint sensor on the Surface Phone’s display.

Pricing and other miscellaneous aspects

Factoring in the device’s appeal and the way Microsoft has been performing in the traditional mobile market, the latest rumors on pricing suggest that the Microsoft Surface Phone may be priced at an initial unit price of a $699 for its base model, while the top-end model could range at around $1,099. It may not compete in the low cost market since it is touted to be a breakthrough innovation. Rumors suggest that Microsoft is all set to introduce the Windows-driven smart device in April 2017 even as the entire gadget industry looks forward to it in anticipation!

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Author : Saranya Balachandran Date : 12 Jan 2017