Mighty Minions invade Suyati!

Suyati is always a step ahead when it comes to celebrating work through learning and leisure.

Christmas celebrations have truly pepped up the Suyati spirit once again. When the whole world gets ready to celebrate “this time of the year”, Team Suyati also gathered to demonstrate their niche talents and aesthetic skills, and of course team spirit and zeal. The last month of the year is packed with games, theme based performances, and other colorful events.

Suyatians are grouped into 5 teams: Santa Force, Jingle Bells, Suyati Papas, Yahudiyayile Kunjadukal, and Cupid & Co. Each team unleashed its creative caliber in a unique and fun-filled manner.

The Christmas gala witnessed a grand launch with the Minions Day on Dec 4th when whole Suyati clad in yellow and blue sprang into a jubilant mood.

Setting forth the masterplans- Vincent and Ajay

DSC_0679-minMinions Day- Vincent and Jeena have a word with the judge


Minions of Suyati posing with elegance for a pic


Christmas celebrations in the world of Minions- Minions presenting a Christmas crib

Wearing Minion face masks and suspender blue jeans, Suyati’s Minions welcomed everyone to their world. The Minions shouted and fought with each other and vivaciously exhibited their desire for banana and potato.

The spectacular yellow and blue outfits added more color to the band.


“Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na” -The Minion Dance

What if Minions enact the evergreen classical movie scenes of Mollywood? The Minions recreated some of the popular but ever trending scenes from the two best hits- Manichitrathazhu (titled as “Minionchitrathazhu”) and Kilukkam (titled as “Minukkam”).

Pray for Chennai– Minions also appealed to everyone to pray for the flood-affected Chennai, and also requested all the employees to stretch out their helping hands to the victims.


Doing Pride- The Mischievous Minions of Suyati

The Minions Day show helped Suyatians showcase exemplary team spirit and enthusiasm which just took us off to a world of awe. And that’s what we are labelled for- to dream, dare, and do!






Author : admin Date : 23 Dec 2015