Migrating to a new website can be an arduous task!

Website Migration
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We have been there, done that. Rest assured, no kidding on that statement!

But some good planning and a few precautions here and there can iron out all the kinks for you. Here are a few good pointers to keep in mind before you start off.

Host it right :

Start by hosting your website on the right server. You need to analyze your web requirements to select the right provider. Uptime guarantee, bandwidth, hard disk space and cost form an essential part of the criteria to be considered.

Design it right :

Your website should be user friendly, having less pagination, easy clickable links, have search function, a sitemap and a crisp layout. The design should be fluid (or in more technical terms use a responsive design) so that it is easily viewable on mobile devices irrespective of screen size.

In case you change the url of any page, do not forget to get it redirected. Also avoid using flash as a part of your design, as it does not work well with mobiles nor can an SEO engine crawl it.

Engage :

Ensure that the content you put on your website is engaging, jargon-free and value-driven. Integrate social media buttons to your site to make your content shareable.

Test and Secure :

Perform an end-to-end Q/A analysis to deal with unforeseen performance issues. Test the site on different browsers. Keep your operating system or anti-virus software up-to-date with the required patches rolled out on a timely basis. When it comes to security, you can never be too sure.

Before you think of setting up a website on your own or associating with a sound partner, make sure you read this post once more! Guaranteed it would not be a waste of time.

If you need help with managing content workflows, mobile applications, opensource applications (did we tell you our latest testimonial is for a stellar website solution for our client), or cloud computing applications, do contact us. We will craft the right solution for you.


Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 08 Nov 2012