Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2018


There is little doubt that mobile app development has now grown to become an integral investment for most companies. You see it across sectors – from retail, to entertainment to banking and even medical services. Statistics available say that the number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is projected to increase to more than 254 billion, from 57.33 billion in 2012. This simply goes to show the growth trajectory of the industry in the coming years. And since we are on the subject, let’s take a look at 8 trends in the sector for 2018.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Apps Will Take Off: The idea of ‘smart’ has permeated into just about every act – from homes, to automobiles, retail, health etc. Little wonder then that the trend to see more and more connectivity across the board will increase the demand for IoT-based apps.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Will Redefine Web Browsing on Mobiles: With Google’s introduction of the AMP project on mobiles, web pages have been loading faster. For a consumer, this means faster access to information. For a service provider, this means a whole new approach to SEO, lowered bounce rates and better interaction with customers and high conversion rates.
  • M-Commerce Will Overtake E-Commerce: Online shopping is a given for most consumers these days. This naturally means online payment options, if not cash on delivery. We are going to find more of the likes of Apple Pay and Google Wallet making an entry into the market.

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  • Augmented Reality (AP) and Virtual Reality (VR) Apps Will Come to the Fore: The use of AR and VR will move beyond entertainment and gaming. They will increasingly be seen to supplement the retail sector or just about any sector that needs to be supported with a visual display – be it a product in 3D or a showroom walk-through in virtual reality.
  • An Increase in On-Demand Apps: If you really look at it, there is an app, quite literally for anything you may want – grocery delivery, cleaning services, beauty needs, delivery services, and the requirement is only poised to increase. The reason for this is the convenience these apps afford, the ease of availing services in the vicinity, the timeliness of the whole affair and the simple payment methods that can be used.
  • Hybrid Enterprise Apps Will be Next on the Cards: The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been in play for a while now and is only poised to increase in the coming years, with more and more organizations opting for it. Hybrid apps of this nature, that have the visual and interactivity quotient of a website, but are essentially apps is what will be in demand.
  • Cloud Driven Apps Will be Increasingly Designed: Cloud Technology makes it simpler to access and use data without compromising on the memory space of your phone. While these will definitely be on the rise for personal device usage, one will also see an increase in their usage in the enterprise sector as well.
  • Rise in Security Measures Incorporated into Apps: Gartner’s Survey says that more than 75% of mobile applications don’t really pass necessary security tests. There will be an increased focus in the creation of apps that have a strong security measures in place. Blockchain is just one of them and can increase the security of an app by a huge margin.

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Author : DSouza Ruth Date : 25 Dec 2017