Mobile Application Management

The usage of mobile applications for our day-to-day activities has reached a whole new level. Mobile devices have evolved into a tool used for communication, entertainment and business development. The exponential increase in the sales of internet enabled smart phones and tablets has led to the establishment of an environment where people control their activities from their hand held devices.

Many companies saw this development as an opportunity. Thus followed the creation of a mobile oriented platform, where information and data can be accessed from your mobile devices through various in-house or purchased apps, thus enabling their employees to work and deliver irrespective of geographical and technical constraints.

But, with the procurement and deployment of apps and the promotion of BYOD (Bring your own devices) to access company data and tools, sensitive information was left susceptible to leaks and attacks. There arose a need to control and manage these apps and information. This laid the foundation for Mobile Application Management (MAM).

The function of MAM is to facilitate the creation and development of in-house mobile apps along with their deployment and management. It also accounts for the installation and management of commercially available mobile apps built for business or enterprise needs. The BYOD phenomenon has substantiated the need for an efficient MAM service. Using the service, required apps are loaded, configured and authorized onto company provided or personal mobile devices.  What makes this service a necessity is that mobile devices lacks homogeneity. Monitoring devices with different configurations, specifications and operating systems can be a daunting task if you don’t have the proper management service at your disposal.

Market leaders in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and MAM have already successfully demonstrated the importance and advantages of procuring MAM services. The key features of a MAM service:

  • MAM allows your employees to view, download and install apps as per their requirements.
  • Productivity increase is an obvious benefit of mobile use for business. At the same time, using MAM, you don’t have to sacrifice the security requirements of your data and information.
  • It allows you to monitor an employee’s work and app usage from your office.
  • It connects to commercial app stores for buying apps available in the market.
  • Checks unusual activities like installation of unauthorized apps.
  • MAM services allow the removal of apps and tools from a device, remotely, in case the end user leaves the company or if a device is lost or stolen.

Mobile application management centralizes the monitoring of apps and its usage by the end user. Along with facilitating mobility to your employees and increased production for your company, MAM provides the perfect solution for collaborating enterprise mobile strategies into your growth plan.

Mobile application management is gaining high importance due to the rise in BYOD. And if you want increased productivity from your workforce, you cannot deny BYOD either. To know more about how MAM can help you secure your BYOD, do contact Our mobility experts will ensure that your questions are answered!

Author : admin Date : 20 Aug 2012