Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Mobile Applications
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Smartphone applications continue to be of greater interest to businesses as well as to consumers over traditional PC-based applications. Various sectors like retail, healthcare, publishing are bringing mobile application development into the mainstream of their development initiatives.

According to a report by Research2Guidance the global outreach for mobile health solutions is expected to exceed 500 million by 2015 to a majority of the 1.5 billion smartphone users across the planet. Mobile healthcare apps are being adopted by both providers of healthcare services as well as domestic consumers for improving medical practices.

Healthcare apps are in plenty in major App stores. They are used to convey vital information to users regarding potential diseases of epidemic nature. Automated SMS based awareness for various healthcare issues and their prevention is a classic example of a healthcare mobile app in play.

Apps also serve the purpose of a medical reminder wherein it raises a notification at pre-set times to intimidate you to take medicines prescribed for you.

They help streamline the consulting process between Doctors and their patients wherein a mobile app allows a patient to fix an appointment, get remote medical tips, subscribe to recorded medication, store medical history, document all this and much more.

Medical apps are definitely on their way to become the most sought after by mobile consumers and as a healthcare provider, you should ride this wave to benefit your consumers. If you want to know how you can use mobile apps for your business, or are looking for a partner to build them, please feel free to connect with Suyati Technologies. Our expert team will help you design and build the apt mobile app for your business needs.



Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 09 Oct 2012