MongoDB launches improved version 3.4



MongoDB, the NoSQL database provider has released version 3.4. Enterprises love MongoDB for its broad applicability to a variety of use cases. There is always scope for improvement and that’s what Mongo DB tries to achieve with its newer versions.

This new version is faster, and offers a variety of options to simplify application deployments to multi-regions and multiple data centres. It promises greater analytic capabilities and offers integrated back-end support for many different data models (multi-model functionality). Native graph analytics, and a new SQL interface are other new additions in this version. The new version supports with collation, non-English-speaking developers can sort items alphabetically without much effort.Refining your search in the database is made easy with faceted navigation. Graph databases is another useful addition for analysing social networks and relationships.

Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB CTO and co-founder in a statement said, “Developers want to access and store their data in the simplest way possible,” “We are continuing to add new capabilities to our query language – like graph and faceted search operators – so developers can use MongoDB for applications that previously required multiple technologies, thereby consolidating their technology footprint.”

Managing databases on cloud is made easier with the company’s Ops Manager tool platform. A private network that connects user’s application server is being added to MongoDB Atlas for security improvements. To ensure it is up to date with the analytics, MongoDB has upgraded its Spark connector to work with Apache Spark 2.0., the latest version of the popular streaming analytics platform.

Author : admin Date : 04 Nov 2016