All You Need to Know About the TestFlight App Closure and TestFlight on iTunes Connect were being operated as autonomous services all through the preceding year. This empowered app developers to test all substantial changes to their apps.

Apple had acquired TestFlight’s parent company about a year ago and has now officially started to notify its TestFlight users of the popular mobile app testing platform service’s upcoming closure, scheduled to take place on February 26, 2015. This update is being circulated via emails to the users along with the necessary information they would need to be aware of.

Most developers and team leaders are apprehensive about their testers and the apps movement. The information given is that these apps will not be transferred instantaneously to the new service. In preparation for the closure, apps developers have now been advised to transfer their testers to the all-new TestFlight Beta Testing that is found in iTunes Connect. There have been sufficient instructions circulated on the transfer of testers, so as to create a smooth transition for the same.

When preparing for beta app and setting up a list of testers, developers can easily gain information by a quick read through of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide. They also have the option to view the TestFlight video tutorial that will give them the details of the set up procedure. Moreover, to ease the export of their tester’s contact information into a CSV file, app developers and team leaders can simply go to the People tab on the Dashboard and seek help via the Action menu. The CSV file can then expediently be imported into iTunes Connect.

Due to the limitation that Apple has placed on its App Store, restraining the sanction of beta versions of software, TestFlight permits developers to invite people to test their app. In order to be part of the Apple Developer Team, the new TestFlight system in iTunes Connect is readily available to anyone for a minimal fee of $99. TestFlight Beta Testing has created a convenient mode of inviting users to test apps created on iOS 8, before they are officially released on the App Store. With the use of only their email addresses, app developers can invite up to a thousand external testers.

For developers who are concerned about their existing apps that were created with the TestFlight SDK, there’s good news! All existing apps created with the TestFlight SDK will continue to function as usual. However, developers need to keep in mind that the TestFlight app SDK is required to be removed from future app releases.

The new version of TestFlight app is now available for iOS 8 and later versions.

Author : Stanley Anto Date : 09 Feb 2015