To a new and exciting phase of my life!

SuyatiSTEP” – This is the most appropriate word for this training program as it targets the “technology”. It helps individuals like us to transform to “professionals”. It helps us to leap from a normal world to a corporate world.

On first day of my joining, I came with my mother with mixed feelings – happy, scared, excited, anxious etc. The introduction session by Mr. Vincent was very encouraging and made us feel that now we are entering another phase of our life with passion and responsibilities. We expected sessions like our college, but all sessions were awesome. Mr. Jijo tried a lot to build up our confidence. When he told us to call them using their first, I was confused. For some days I could not call any of them because I didn’t know how to address them. But after some time I realized that we are professionals. Sessions of Abhishek, Deepak, Rifaj, Abhilash, Praveen and all other teams were awesome too. Even after sitting for many hours we didn’t feel tired. And when we felt tired, there comes our favorite soft skills class. In Subin’s sessions we felt very free and could share whatever we want.

And of course if I didn’t mention our pantry, then my blog will be incomplete…:D. Because it was our hobby to run to pantry and have coffee, tea, lemon tea each day. This SuyatiSTEP program was fun with all other trainees with me but also a serious phase to move on to serving our company Suyati Technologies and developing our nation.

Author : Nisha T P Date : 23 Jul 2014