Sitefinity 9- New features to drive business agility

Sitefinity 9

Sitefinity – the magic wand that has revolutionized digital marketing by giving businesses a finger on the pulse of customer behavior and helping them capitalize this understanding into bottom-line results. The abracadabra gets even better with the newest release of Telerik Sitefinity 9.0.

Elaborating on the aim of the release, Senior Vice President of Application Platforms at Progress, Svetozar Georgiev said: “To deliver the real-time, hyper-personalized, responsive content customers expect, marketing organizations have no choice but to become more agile, as agility can mean the difference between being a leader or laggard. Relying on IT and development for day-to-day tasks impedes digital marketing agility and hurts a team’s ability to rapidly deliver innovative, personalized customer experiences. Spanning development, administrative and marketing capabilities, Sitefinity 9.0 delivers a powerful platform that supports rapidly changing business initiatives and messaging — helping marketers respond more nimbly in today’s fast-paced, multichannel world”.

With this focus, the new Sitefinity has been loaded with every feature imaginable that is aimed at increasing digital business agility. Here are some of the features we love:

Improving the Developer’s Experience

Developers at heart, Team Suyati is naturally excited about the features of the new Sitefinity 9.0 that affect the developer’s experience. By creating innovative enhancements that simplify and enhance a developer’s experience, Sitefinity 9.0 strives to bring the technical focus of developers in alignment with marketing and administrative functions to drive business agility.

  • Content Driven mobile apps and APIs are excellent enhancements in the new release that are fine-tuned to keep up with today’s mobile-driven generation. The Sitefinity Mobile Apps Builder is the perfect tool for developers to build mobile apps with a focus on highlighting specialized content and enhancing customer experience. The new “Content as a Service” API (based on the ODATA standard), allows for seamless integration and sharing of content with other systems as well. Allowing for simplified integration with the Telerik Platform, makes it an even better deal.
  • The Continuous Delivery Setup enabled by Sitefinity 9.0 is a boon to developers, as it speeds up deployment and reduces effort by a great degree.
  • Updates to the Feather framework in the new release which features simpler widget development and precompiled views for the designer makes mobile-friendly development a much simpler and faster task.
  • An improved interface with a focus on providing a simpler editing experience and a more attractive design, gives the developer a sleeker and simpler means of accomplishing his work.

Improving the Marketer’s Experience

The core function of the Sitefinity Digital Experience is to help marketers understand and optimize a customer’s journey online and drive business growth. These are a few enhancements that are designed towards this end:

  • Drawing from data gathered and analyzed by the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, the new release has been enhanced to provide for a more personalized audience segmentation. Businesses can thus get more targeted information about their audience.


  • The release provides for Multi-lingual asset support that enables effective localization by accepting uploads in different languages. This is a great and much needed tool for businesses that want to target global audiences.


  • Further, the release enhances user experience by simplifying the format of forms and splitting them into Multi-page forms. This cuts abandonment rates by a great degree and supports increased conversions.


  • Enhanced customer profiles with features like lead scoring and the ability to import customer data through CSV, makes it more easy to map a customer’s journey and make decisions with regard to conversion. Called the “360-Degree View,” this feature is a powerful tool in giving businesses an overview of exactly what is required to convert a prospect into a customer.

These new features in Sitefinity 9.0 look poised to take the customer experience to a whole new level and help businesses leverage on providing personalized experiences with a marked decrease in effort from the development perspective. It will definitely mean greater speed of deployment of applications and websites and increased conversion rates. In the fast changing business environment that we are in, the extensibility that this release provides to developers will be an asset that could make a huge difference in keeping a step ahead of competition.

Well, that was an overview of all the great things that Sitefinity 9.0 has to offer. Write to us at and tell us what you think of these new features.

Author : Soumi Ravindran Date : 01 Aug 2016