New Innovations in Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce adds new features to Health Cloud to enable better connectivity with patients outside the hospital walls.

Care Gaps offers a better way to monitor a patient’s treatment plan and close gaps if any.  New Health Cloud Care Gaps help the providers to assess the patients once outside the hospital, monitor the progress of their treatment as well as communicate to the patients by delivering personalized surveys and automating the next steps based on their response.

Assessments make care management more personalized and reliable. Treatments can be assessed, and appointments, if needed can be automatically scheduled via Health Cloud. Providers have access to patient-generated responses, and further course of action can be taken with ease.

“Online patient assessments can help both strengthen provider-patient relationships and improve patient outcomes.” – Lynne Dunbrack, Research Vice President for IDC Health Insights

Salesforce AppExchange and Health Cloud

Salesforce AppExchange will now include new applications that are fully integrated with Health Cloud.  This will help create long-term relationships with patients by joining leads from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and electronic health records. Health Cloud can use the data to customize care plans and this also saves a lot of admin work

Some of these solutions include Formativ Health, Hexaware, INTERVENT, LiveData, MCG Health among others. The solutions are all aimed at providing centralized workflows of patients for operations, comprehensive engagement solutions, improve patient care management, better outcomes as well as reduced costs.

Joshua Newman, the chief medical officer at Salesforce, says that Salesforce realizes how the lines between citizen, consumer, shopper and patient have merged. Continual patient assessment and having complete information available to providers at all times would help better communication, treatment course and improve healthcare services as a whole. Salesforce now focus on patients as customers and tries to give the best possible healthcare experience by offering a modern customer relationship management.

Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 15 Mar 2018