New Year and a New Hope

Happy New Year 2013There we are, in 2013, before we could really analyze what we have achieved in 2012. A year has passed just as every second passes.

I am sure every one of us would have faced moments when we thought  ‘Oh! This is the happiest moment in my life’ or ‘Damn! Nothing worse than this will ever happen to me’. Yet, we are here, ready to face yet another year with all the drama it could possibly provide.

As inter dependents, we humans, there could be little excuse we could make to proclaim that we have zero commitment to the society on which we depend for our livelihood.  I believe we as individuals and team can contribute more to this society within our limited time and means.

I would like to highlight that being part of Suyati, I am proud that we are really good in avoiding least wastage in food. Seriously! It’s a wonderful act of goodness when compared to the fact that India is among those countries where poverty and malnutrition is alarming. There will sure be souls who are blessing you for this.

On a good note, I wish we could do the following from this year onwards:-

  • Improve power saving at home and office. We are already facing shortage of power and think about a summer mid-day without power at home!. (At office we can switch off lights in toilets after use, Switch off PC monitors when not in use and when you leave)
  • While driving kindly avoid high-beams when you have a vehicle coming opposite to you. ( For those who drive on a daily basis can understand the effect of high beams)
  • Take time to appreciate others. After all, roses on the deathbed will make no one happy.

New year resolutions

This is no Resolution, but a wish. Hope I have conveyed it in an appropriate manner, as I am younger to many of you and less experienced in life.

Wishing you and your family for a Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous year ahead.

Author : Santhosh Subramonian Date : 02 Jan 2013