Next Generation Smartphones are not too far!

Summer, winter or monsoon…there is no shortage of Smartphones available in the market. Every technology geek, gizmo lover, or anyone for that matter, is crazy about cutting-edge mobile trends, latest smart phones and trendy technologies. No matter what you are, an Android lover, an iOS fan, a Windows Phone enthusiast, or a quick adopter looking forward to try the latest in the mobile world, heaps of unending options are crammed in front of you!

But, if you are planning to buy a trendy smartphone right now, we would recommend you to hold on for a while! A little more wait will bring you the cream of the crop!

The ever-changing technology, the rise of Web 2.0 lifestyle, and increasing user demands have all facilitated the evolution of high end multipurpose and multimedia mobile devices. In 2011, Smartphone market grew over 61% globally exhibiting a total shipment volume of 491.4 million units in the year 2011, compared to 304.4 million units of 2010! Most probably, by October or November 2012, we will see major changes in the Smartphone landscape as Software giants like Microsoft and Apple gear to launch the next generation Smartphones.

Though there is no official news out from Apple yet, rumors about their next generation smartphone is spreading like wildfire. They are expected to get bigger and longer, exhibiting features such as compliance with 4G LTE, NFC, smaller connector for syncing and charging, more ergonomics and perhaps a new name like ‘New iPhone’ and not iPhone 5, and the list simply goes on.

Microsoft on the other hand has raised the curtain to show a preview of Windows Phone 8 store features. The phone has already managed to raise eyeballs in the Microsoft Media event. The sad thing though is that no existing Windows Phone devices can upgrade to the new OS on which the phone will be operating.

‘Fast evolution’ is technology’s new mantra of racing through the world, and brand new devices are becoming obsolete in no time. Old or new, whichever mobile device you use, or plan to use, Suyati technologies can offer the right mobile application development technology to suit your requirements.


Author : admin Date : 17 Aug 2012