Outsourcing is Out, Innovative-sourcing is In!

Innovative sourcing is In! In an earlier blog, “Outsourcing for Talent – why it pays to be truly Global” we mentioned how companies around the world are realizing that being part of a truly global marketplace means that business products and services can be created globally anywhere and marketed locally.

By Innovative sourcing, we do not mean medical transcriptions. We are not referring to call centers. Or to programming teams. Or even to R&D centers. While cost and talent was the driving force for traditional outsourcing, innovation and profitability will drive the next wave of outsourcing.

Why is that? As global businesses all over the world face a “Do More with Less” scenario, CIO’s and CTO’s are obviously on the look out for a leaner, flexible and affordable solution. This solution will run the entire gamut from 100% outsourcing to 100% in-house development, and will include multiple vendors, multiple locations and more importantly, multiple options to choose from. Hence the emergence of Cloud Computing, Pay as you go pricing, Platform as a Service, and Hybrid Cloud models…

So where does that leave small and medium businesses that are struggling to leverage their expertise globally? It is a given that they need a solution that ought to be affordable and flexible. But they also need the option to lower their risk and increase their market share.

After all, that is what True globalization promises. It is the promise of the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – a global market place to sell your innovative but economical products and services no matter how or where it was created. To achieve that level of globalization, Innovative sourcing is the only way out.

Need more information about Innovative sourcing? Talk to us about our Dedicated Global Teams. With Suyati’s DGT you can outsource, insource, customize, localize, reduce risk, increase visibility, explore markets, and expand market share. Sounds better than the mythical pot of gold, doesn’t it?

We’re listening.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 12 Oct 2010