Outsourcing: it’s all in the mind

The mind is everything. What you think you become – Buddha

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge – Napoleon Hill

In 2008, Gartner predicted correctly that IT services (which account for over 70% of the total market spend on IT) would continue to grow inspite of the growing recession, and the protectionism (read: ire against outsourcing) that would happen as a result. Two market factors ensured this growth – the need for businesses to optimize its internal processes, and the ability of IT service providers to offer wider ranging and more customized offerings at a lower rate.

Cut to 2011. In Europe, the attitude towards outsourcing IT services has changed slowly, but surely.  Prior to 2010, most businesses in Europe firmly believed that outsourcing was the quickest way to cut costs. But as outsourcing projects turned sour, and availability of skilled personnel became a bigger issue, businesses changed their mind, and attitude, towards outsourcing. As opposed to simply throwing the project over to the provider, and expecting them to complete it successfully, they now understand that a collaborative effort, timely project management, and an ongoing communication process are critical for success.

As a result, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in Europe now view outsourcing primarily as a viable method to focus on their core competencies. In answer to the growing demand for comprehensive and flexible solutions and engagement models that go beyond traditional outsourcing, IFEMA, the trade fair institution in Madrid, Spain, is organizing the SIMO Network’s “International ICT Services and Solutions Trade Fair” in Madrid from the 4th till the 6th of October. IFEMA has offices in more than 30 countries across 5 continents, and aims to help businesses use technology solutions and services to become more competitive.

Suyati Technologies is creating flexible and innovative engagement models to cater to every possible client need. Through its Dedicated Global Team (DGT) an SME can create develop, innovate, support and maintain their software development at a much lower cost. Want to know more? Why not meet us at Spain when its premier annual ICT event gets going on 4th October? Suyati looks forward to building  lifelong business relationships with a worldwide clientele. Our Manager – International Business, Ramanan Ramamurhty is at Spain from October3rd – 12th. To set up a meeting email to services@suyati.com

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 28 Sep 2011