Outsourcing, Managed Services, or the Cloud?

Three of the predominantly used tools to drive business growth in an IT industry are Outsourcing, Managed Services and the Cloud. These development tools have served as the go-to options for business development, reduced costs, growth and expansion.  Despite the popularity of these services, the similar nature of their use and projected outcomes might make it difficult for people to differentiate between the three.  Here, we will discuss the differences between these key services to give you a better idea on how to use them efficiently for your company’s growth.

Outsourcing is something most companies are familiar with. It’s the transfer of responsibilities, assets and resources to another company to combine high quality services with high savings. In most cases, you can save on infrastructure, personnel and production cost depending upon the work that is being outsourced. But, the bottom-line is that outsourcing reduces cost and resource investment and ensures high business development rates.

On the other hand, managed services are used to fill the infrastructure and skill gaps present in your firm. The ultimate motive behind managed services might or might not be reduced costs. The main function of these services is to add value to your services and products by managing the resources available in your company. Unlike outsourcing, managed service does not transfer or shutdown department functioning, it just enhances their working efficiency. In simpler words, it’s a way to manage your IT resources.

Cloud computing just removes the requirement of an infrastructure altogether by using a service provider’s cloud platform. Cloud computing service enables you to execute the creation of products and services without creating the necessary infrastructure. The platform and server technology is provided by the cloud provider, but the resource and asset allocation and their use rests with the company.

The final motive remains consistent through all the three technologies – growth, development and profits. But that depends on how each technology suits your needs and how they are implemented. If you need to reduce costs substantially and shutdown your IT department, outsourcing is your best bet. But, if you want to create your products in house and not reveal your product secrets, while maintaining a high level of productivity and quality, or if your projects are not big enough to be outsourced, managed services are the ideal solution. If you have the necessary skills and resources but want to cut down or remove infrastructure costs, go for cloud service.

Analyze your company’s requirements and financial status. Depending upon these, you can choose whatever option is best for you. Also, to ensure maximum efficiency, you can mix the three technologies in the right proportion to reap their combined benefits. If you need expert advice on what technology would be right for your company contact Suyati Technologies. Our experienced professionals will help you in making the right choice.

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Author : admin Date : 31 Aug 2012