Peppermint Three: Is it the birth of the perfect Desktop Cloud Solution?

Cloud is the new buzzword in town. Today almost every well known Operating System provider offers a cloud service in conjunction with their Desktop software. Google offers the Chrome OS which is mostly a cloud service onboard a Linux kernel. Apple has the iCloud, and Microsoft has Windows 8 all spruced up with cloud based applications. But there is no Operating System that has been sprinkled with the right amount of cloud as well as desktop functionality, well at least until a couple of days back!

The reason? The all new Peppermint OS Three has hit town.

This classy Linux based OS is the perfect combination of the capabilities of a cloud OS and the functionalities of a Desktop. The latest version has its roots from the Lubuntu 12.04 which is in fact a derivative of the light weight LXDE desktop environment used in Ubuntu.  So in a way all of these are cousins. The LDXE desktop is faster and uses far less system resources as compared to the Gnome or KDE desktop. The Mint terminology is obviously a result of adaptation of some features of the Linux Mint by the Peppermint OS.

As far as the applications are concerned, developers of Peppermint integrated a rather different application strategy by incorporating the Google Web Office toolkit instead of the open source variants such as Libre Office. Also browsing is made possible by the Chromium Browser and Gmail is the default email client.

The new OS is touted to be fast and simple and it remains to be seen whether it is the one to beat out there for cloud competitors. If you are looking to add more spice, or specifically peppermint, to your cloud strategy, talk to the cloud experts at Suyati Technologies.

Author : admin Date : 23 Aug 2012