Position yourself for South and East Asia Markets

Granted that Western markets are still lucrative on a per capita basis, but if you don’t position yourself with skills and capabilities to tap into India, China and Asia Pacific markets for growing in the future, you are going to get left behind.

India and China alone are growing at over 7.5% GDP and are together carrying around one third of the world’s population. What does this mean to you? Very simple – if you don’t find a place in the hearts and minds of the mega consumers of the future (a decade to two from now) you are losing out on new markets, new revenue, and new customers.

It makes sense to get your feet wet in these markets as soon as possible by working with a company who has been in this market and understands how to do business in this region. You can start by first building a dedicated team in India, as an extension of your current team and develop product and support expertise. Aligning your product to domestic Indian and the neighboring Chinese and Asia Pacific markets will automatically become the next step.

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A Dedicated Global Team for a Self-Publishing Giant in the US

Author : mkrishna Date : 05 Jun 2010