Game-Changing Predictions for Open Source in 2015

The Open Source software segment has undergone some major revamps over the recent years. The year 2014 witnessed Open Source the software achieving the status of a top runner in the industry. Open Sourcehas made substantial progress over the last year with various Open SourceIT companies religiously working towards refining the performance on Big Data and the Internet of Things. Some of these trends have already gone on floor as usable elements; some have started to take shape and others are on the horizon as deployable solutions.

With the onset of the year 2015, various companies and organizations are talking about the changing trends in the Open Source market.  The change in technological trends will positively shape 2015 with consistent growth in data being an expected challenge. While some enterprises may be skeptical about the changes they are likely to witness this year, some others are assured by the fact that Open Source will have a positive effect on Big Data, Internet of Things and private clouds. Here are some of the forecasted changes and predictions for Open Source, for 2015.

1) Open Source containerization

There has been constant hype surrounding Open Source containerization. It is predicted that this is likely to transform into mainstream in 2015, considering its interesting evolution since 2014. Organizations favoring virtualization do so with the promise of security and configuration it provides. Containerization provides security, configuration and a lot more. Based on the requirements and business needs of various organizations, both these technologies are suitable after having their purposes compared, evaluated and analyzed.

2) Setting a new stage for networks

Providing the ability to move with changing times, Open Source software is being looked up to by numerous vendors. Companies are likely to adopt Open Source software as the appropriate option to setting network standards. Also, there is a possibility that network operators will prefer Open Source software when initiating projects that can then be shared with others for further improvement and development.

3) Open Software-Defined Networking vs. Vendor Software-Defined Networking

2015 is likely to see a change in network operators’ outlook towards Software-Defined Networking (SDN).  Vendor solutions, which until now have been masquerading as SDN and actually do only vendor lock-in or involve in proprietary protocols, will be exposed. Network operators will have a clear preference for SDN this year because with the utilization of SDN, numerous network operators will have the ability to develop and deploy new green-field networks. Hence, the demand for open SDN will shoot up naturally. Vendors who are not open to this opportunity are likely to face challenges when competing for businesses in 2015.

4) OpenFlow products – connection of thoughts and actions

While SDN has proven its undisputed ability in securing applications, instrumentation and network virtualization, OpenFlow aids in adding value to these abilities. Vendors were of the belief that OpenFlow is no longer an important aspect in the field of Open Source software. However, in 2015, they can definitely see that this was just in the hope of withdrawing the option for network operators to have access to an open ecosystem of product/service packet-processing software and hardware. OpenFlow is now coming up with v1.3, which is said to display an open ecosystem that is being supported by vendors. OpenFlow will create a perfect connection of thought and action in the field of Open Source.

5) Internet of Things (IoT) to access new frontiers

The hype surrounding IoT is likely to live up to its expectations in 2015, considering the perception on how data is altering the world of business. With the growing importance of collection of system generated data, IoT took a resilient stand on the Open Source front. Open Source software and the Internet of Things have been constantly converging with each other over the last year. This trend is predicted to smoothly continue over 2015, as well.

6) Technically sound professionals

IT companies have constantly aimed at hiring technically sound professionals in their companies. This is likely to  continue unabated with the commencement of 2015, as companies will now strategize their focus towards adapting to the world of SDN. Employers will do so for the benefit of their businesses, while employees will do so to benefit their jobs and careers. Skillfully trained and knowledgeable IT professionals are the mentors who will lead the way to application and deployment of Open Source software. Hence, it is vital that companies concentrate on skills training.

7) Additional focus on infrastructure

The development of cloud application, under Open Source software, has come into consistent focus when companies prepare their business strategies. What most companies fail to realize, at most times, is that these cloud based applications need a proper infrastructure for their smooth functioning. For support and provision of security, Linux operating systems are now evolving to create and maintain an environment and infrastructure that increases the complexity of a computer from a mere server to a connection of systems.

8) Progression of mobile apps

Initially, most mobile development companies focused on the very devices themselves. However, with the widespread use and business adoption of various mobile applications, the mobile has come to exist as a vital aspect in the field of Open Source software. In the market of 2015, some of the top IT leaders are building and creating a future that will focus on mobiles being the first choice for businesses to not only reach out to their prospective customers, but to also create a safe and secure infrastructure.

Irrespective of the level of growth predicted in 2015, Open Source software has great potential for further growth, development, acceptance and deployment in the field of business improvement. 2015 is likely to see further progress in the areas of Open Source, Big Data and the Internet of Things. So even though some may predict 2015 to be more challenging in terms of business growth and development, the cloud of Open Source software will be the much awaited silver lining for most vendors.

Author : Stanley Anto Date : 09 Jan 2015