Problems faced by Graphic Designers

Graphic DesignersGraphic designers are an enthusiastic lot. Learning a design platform, exploring it through one’s own creativity, while keeping abreast with advances in technology and trends etc., really requires zeal. The role that graphic designers play in creating a brand is crucial, in terms of effectively communicating a brand’s uniqueness to its audience.  It is this constant process of analyzing customer tastes, ideas, designing, re-designing and more re-designing, that may tire the most successful or creative of graphic designers out there.

Behind those chic, swanky offices and fancy computers, we discovered that some of the most coveted professions could also be stressful and challenging, as a result of:

  • A constantly evolving industry

The graphic design industry evolves in leaps and bounds not only through the various technological advances made in design software, cameras, computers etc., but also through the trends in colors, ideas and customer tastes. A graphic designer needs to be well read, and have the necessary skill sets to adapt easily from one trend to another.

  • Managing expectations

This probably would qualify for the top “occupational hazard” in the life of a graphic designer. Every customer is unique and thinks differently and therefore, envisages the outcome differently. A graphic designer, unlike a doctor or an engineer, cannot just give one solution to solve a problem, and may need to offer multiple solutions that may suit the taste of a customer. And yet, still expect revisions and changes.

  • Striking a Balance

After all, graphic designers are artists too. The creative satisfaction derived from an assignment can really be fulfilling. The tough part here is to strike the right balance between the creativity that he/she may want to use and the ideas that the customer may have. At the end of the day, everyone wants happy customers.

So if you are working with designers, keep the following in mind:

1. Designing is not about creating something fancy, it is about making things work. When your designer creates a website for you, it is not about how the website looks, but about how everything works in symphony to give your customer a seamless user experience

2. Remember the designer knows his job, so give him the freedom to express himself and explore his creative side

3. Appreciate the efforts they put in – for you it may be a simple blue button that you click as a user, but for a designer it’s a half day’s work to get the button designed, give it the appropriate color to make the customer click, and to lead to the right page after clicking

Do you have a special gripe as a designer? Our team of designers would love to hear from you!


Author : Jomy John Date : 11 Dec 2012