Relevance of SMAC Stack Adoption in the Manufacturing Industry


Social Media, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud are the buzzwords of the current society. Every industry and institution in the nook and corner of the world is busy adopting these technologies. Then why is the world’s largest, oldest, and revenue generating Manufacturing industry still reluctant to set foot in this area? Isn’t it high time the industry adopted these technologies?

The answer is: YES!

It is high time; and here, I would point out the relevance of this technology stack.

SMAC is a combination of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. SMAC stack is the latest trend in the manufacturing industry that increases customer engagement, exponential growth opportunities, and productivity by using social media interactions, mobile technologies, and analytics driven by big data and cloud computing.

How Mobility is adopted?

Mobility is burgeoning in every facet of our lives and it has the right potential to play a great role in the manufacturing cycle, right from procuring raw materials to supply chain, and to delivery. But there are a few challenges that stand as bottlenecks in implementing mobility in a full-fledged manner.

How do mobile devices withstand the harsh and unexpected conditions in manufacturing environments?

Now more companies are coming out with “rugged mobile devices” to solve problems; and the manufacturing industry is flooded with them and the advanced features that offer better solutions.

Mobility is bringing in more clarity and efficiency in the manufacturing domain and is definitely going to shape the future of the industry.

Influence of Social Media in Manufacturing Domain

Being the most preferred medium of communication, social media today primarily focuses on the business-to-consumer model which replaces the traditional business-to-business model. Today’s customers are more connected, better informed, and expect the products to be supplied on demand. They can easily compare and select the products with a single click on their smart phones or tablets. Their purchasing patterns have a major influence on the brand values of the companies.

Today, most of the customers make their buying decisions by viewing and comparing the products online. So it is important for the sellers to make the customers feel the presence of their products on the web.

How cloud computing improves date sharing?

One of the major concerns of the manufacturing industry is to share data quickly and efficiently across various geographical locations. Cloud computing can efficiently resolve this issue in a cost effective manner. Cloud computing facilitates quick and easy allocation of resources in an environment where monitoring can be done easily. In cloud computing, upscaling and downscaling are no great problems. It is easy to monitor the data in a cloud environment. Another advantage of cloud computing is its flexibility, that is, it has the ability to share the documents and other files simultaneously over the cloud, which will also help support both internal and external collaboration.

Analytics to generate meaningful output

Further to social media, cloud computing, and mobility, now it is time to process and discover meaningful patterns in data analysis. Analytics often prefer data visualization to communicate various insights. Since analytics requires extensive computation, the algorithms and software used for analytics can harness and encourage the most recent trends in technology.

In the coming years the world will witness how the perfect combination of Cloud Computing, Mobility, Social Media, and Analytics (SMAC) is going to revolutionize the manufacturing domain.


Author : Anoop Joshi Date : 10 Oct 2013