The Retro style is back in town: 2016 Christmas Party at Suyati

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This year too, we have brought down the curtain after a terrific show that just reverberated the Suyati spirit to put up the best on stage! Bell bottom trousers, long collared shirts, polka dotted dresses, floral prints, big hair buns, and hippie (bohemian) hairdos, we just recreated the world of late 70s and early 80s on 21st December 2016.

What more can mark the end of an eventful and rewarding year? The 2016 Christmas party has once again heightened the energy levels of each member of the Suyati family. It was a month long celebration where Suyatians took some time off their daily schedules to relax and demonstrate their resting talents. Believe me, there is no age or gender bar and no hierarchy hindering anyone from participating in the events that lasted for one whole month. It was quite interesting to watch each team (we were divided in to 5 teams for Christmas games and events) discussing plans and preparing for the competitions.

Every Friday of this December witnessed each team performing a short skit based on a theme and trying to add as much spice to their show as they could. Hats off to the brilliant coordination and enthusiasm displayed by Team Suyati! Along with the Friday stage performances, we had Carom doubles and Chess singles competitions. Congratulations to all the winners and participants of all events.

After a month’s wait, we finally gathered at Recca Valley, Kakkanad on December 21st to watch performances that let sparks fly all over the venue. The teams fought with each other and tried to come out with their best for the finals. Here are a few cool snaps from the show that lifted the day!

suyatixmas-1 suyatixmas-2 suyatixmas-3

It is said that a team performs well when it has a leader who motivates and sets an example of how well they need to do. Suyatians had the biggest surprise of the year when the leader man Mukund Krishna came to the stage unannounced and moved his legs like in vigor for a popular fast Malayalam number of the 1980s. Joining him was his soul mate Revathi who supported her partner very well with gracious moves. The benchmarks are too high for us now!

suyatixmas-4 suyatixmas-5

We are extremely thankful to Bob, Srini, Girish, Vincent, Mukund, Revathi and each of you who have made this a memorable day. Here are a few snaps from the day’s drama.


Christmas is a time to ponder and evaluate the departing year. It brings joy to every heart and hope to every mind. At Suyati, we not just dream, but we dare to do things that will help us achieve our dreams. With this note, Team Suyati wishes you all a wonderful and prosperous new year!


Author : Bhuvana Date : 29 Dec 2016