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EPiServer is stunning its customers with more useful products, services, and strategies to connect digital commerce and digital marketing to provide the best digital experience for its users. What are turning heads now are the add-ons that EPiServer is ready to offer its customers. Out of which, one in particular demands our current attention. So let us begin with the basics.


The Basics (Just In Case)

Web Content Management System (WCMS or WCM or simply CMS) is an application or a suite of applications and auxiliaries used to manage the content of a website generally by an organization. Usually, CMS has two elements: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The elementary functions of CMS are content creation, reviewing, and publishing.


Epicenter of your digital experience

EPiServer is a global web content management system that deals with products and services in digital marketing, digital commerce, and cloud platform.

The current statistics of EPiServer reveals that it supports more than

  • 250,000 web editors
  • 30,000 websites worldwide
  • 8,800 customers in 30 countries
  • 880 leading SIs and creative agencies

EPiServer also offers add-ons to extend its platform by enhancing functionality in many areas including search, marketing automation, and content optimization.

EPiServer add-ons for Digital Asset Management (DAM) include CELUM, ImageVault, QBank and Connect for SharePoint. EPiServer Connect for SharePoint provides a seamless connection between EPiServer and Microsoft SharePoint. In case you are unfamiliar with the latter, SharePoint is a product of Microsoft which provides you a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information across devices. It also enables you to create websites.

With EPiServer Connect for SharePoint you can copy documents, blocks and other items from SharePoint document libraries and lists automatically on a scheduled basis or manually. These documents and blocks being transferred can be manipulated using an item processor capability which provides developers the flexibility to customize applications in the EPiServer CMS catering to their unique needs and requirements. The latest supported platform versions include EPiServer CMS 9, EPiServer Commerce 8, SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online (2013).




Seamless transparency

Basically, EPiServer Connect for SharePoint allows you to integrate EPiServer 7 CMS with SharePoint versions 2013, 2010 or 2007 so that you can bring assets from SharePoint into the web and enhance the online experience for website visitors.


Real-time leverage

The transparent connection mentioned above becomes a commercial leverage when your critical business SharePoint assets are effectively brought online in real-time. With SharePoint collaboration platform, you can automatically publish to your website and share it in social media.


Sunday best

EPiServer CMS is the one of the best platforms for introducing web content management solutions. Optimize your content and its presentation to look good across devices with different screen sizes. Reap maximum impact by putting your content in the right context with EPiServer 7 CMS.


Analytical insight

EPiServer 7 CMS provides useful information regarding the performance of SharePoint content. This information serves as precious insight to improve your results. Marketers can view real-time analytics of any webpage and use this data to leverage content accordingly to increase traffic and conversion rates. You can also get information on the effectiveness of the strategies you are working on like personalization or social sharing. Further optimization can be done through A/B and multi-variant testing.


Fruitful regression

EPiServer Connect for SharePoint allows to send back information to SharePoint from EPiServer 7 CMS so that, content can be optimized in no time. The connector also ensures that you have the latest version on the SharePoint documents online without any duplicate copies.


It’s a snap

  • For Example: Collaborate with your team on a content, say a white paper in SharePoint with the help of Office 365, its social features, and workflows.
  • The white paper when ready is automatically available in EPiServer 7 CMS.
  • Marketers and content managers create a landing page on external website to be accessed by customers.
  • After A/B testing the landing page, results are available on the effectiveness of the published content.
  • The content is modified to maximize results and when the white paper gets updated in SharePoint, the latest version is created and automatically uploaded on the landing page.


At a glance

Requirements: EPiServer 7.1 or earlier versions; SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007

Installation: Installs into EPiServer and SharePoint


  • Deliver library items, list items, and site pages from SharePoint to EPiServer.
  • Create, read, update, and delete files stored in SharePoint from EPiServer CMS
  • Instantly make SharePoint files available in the website
  • Integrated security to allow only authenticated users to make changes


More on add-ons

Add-ons are developed by EPiServer and its partners and EPiServer Add-on program attempts to verify them and makes available the verified add-ons. Suyati is a solutions partner of EPiServer and assists it to deliver excellent solutions from creation to publishing of content.


So why should you wait? Hurry up and look at the add-ons listed and detailed on Add-on Store. These can be installed either through one-click installation from inside EPiServer user interface or as NuGet packages.


If you would like to know more about Suyati’s expertise in EPiServer, please send an e-mail to

Author : Kshithij Dhyanastha Date : 24 Nov 2015