Role of Product Engineering Services in Healthcare

Product Engineering Services in healthcare

Product Engineering and IoT are creating revolution by revamping the healthcare landscape with innovations that help reduce healthcare costs, encourage patient engagement, boost population health, and finally make healthcare more accessible and transparent at all levels. Product engineering usually involves working towards fixing issues due to price, product excellence, implementation process, dependability, maintenance, anticipated product lifespan and user features; and Healthcare industry can benefit considerably from product engineering by developing Healthcare products applying faster go-to-market strategy and make sure that these products are successful and widely accepted in the market.


Some of the common challenges faced by the customers using Healthcare medical devices include:

  • Time taken for the products to be available for sale in the market
  • Change in latest technology used for developing the products
  • Feasibility of products based on language and place
  • Rise in the market price of the products
  • Cost involved in product maintenance


While many companies work on building the products for Healthcare industries, the product engineering service providers should focus on coming up with apps that can make healthcare simple and affordable. Some of the most commonly used healthcare solutions like dynamic and real-time patient monitoring systems (remote monitoring), emergency response systems, and the like are all examples of product engineering solutions. The application of product engineering in Healthcare industry has created a great revolution as it focuses on the future generation products and technologies. The end to end product development solutions and provisions are provided through stronger domain competencies.


Cost: Product engineering solutions help transform Healthcare delivery and bring down the insurance and medical expenses at a larger rate. It takes care of the process right from the product design and development to product verification and validations, thus helping the customers meet the product cost targets.

Safety: The application of product engineering solutions to Healthcare industry improves safety and also optimizes cost of Healthcare.

Solution to challenges: Application of product engineering in Healthcare industry solves the challenges on product sustenance. This is achieved by the various methods such as analysis of the value of the comprehensive product, value engineering, customization of the product based on varied geographies, localization of programs and product reengineering.

Time zone advantages: Since the Healthcare products provided by the same industry have to be used by customers from different locations, product engineering services is implemented to customize the devices and applications to requirements.

Product simplification: Product engineering can meet the challenges that rise in the Healthcare product regulatory compliance, thus simplifying the product and enabling customization based on customer requirements.

Improved efficiency: Since, the application of engineering solutions to the Healthcare devices give accurate results and better time management, there is a huge rise in the improvement of the overall efficiency, which further results in customer satisfaction which is the basic focus factor of every care giver.


Understanding the skill and strength of the companies is very important. Product engineering also makes it easy to assemble the tools to build the great products and provides appropriate product engineering solutions for the Healthcare firms. There are multiple options available in the market as companies with good products and solutions that can be easily integrated into large platforms. But care should be taken while choosing the right solution. The areas covered by the solution providers is vast and can vary from solution to solution and depends on the software used, the methods implemented and the requirements of the Healthcare Company. Hence, it is always advisable to get the service provider involved right from the planning phase and place the requirement to develop the appropriate engineering solution to the Healthcare products and request to design and develop as per the requirements


The common areas where product engineering is applied in Healthcare industry are:

  • Diagnostics and monitoring devices
  • Radiology apparatus
  • Respiratory devices
  • Healing or therapeutic appliances
  • In-vitro devices
  • Recording devices


The different stages where product engineering services are applied as solution offering to Healthcare products:

  • Development of electronic hardware devices
  • Development of applications
  • Development of firmware
  • Design of mechanical devices
  • Assurance of quality and controlling
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Regulatory affairs through detailed study and implementation of risk management using well-structured methodology
  • Quality consulting for risk management, gap analysis, post marketing surveillance, audits and assessment services and safety features
  • Process validation of manufacturing through monitoring and control

Architects in product design and development teams can always presume that the home-produced engineering solutions are always cost effective, efficient and optimized to solve the issues instantly. Product engineering service providers and consultants need to look beyond the boundaries of in-house expertise and sensibly evaluate build options for a high-end product. It is advisable to create alliances with correct solution and take the advantage of the available resources and make the maximum use of them is the smartest and best way.


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Author : Letterbug Date : 18 Jul 2016