Salesforce acquires BeyondCore, the enterprise data analytics company

salesforce acquires beyondcore

It’s acquisition time at Salesforce- and yesterday the world’s CRM leader announced its acquisition of BeyondCore- the Business Intelligence and enterprise data analytics firm. The company reinforces business intelligence with computational and statistical analysis.

BeyondCore CEO Arijit Sengupta writes in his blog; “At the Gartner BI Summit earlier this year we decided to show off our integration into Salesforce, which would be part of our upcoming BeyondCore 7 release. Business user after business user told us how wonderful it was that smart analytics was now embedded into an application they use every day. At this point, our two teams naturally started brainstorming what more we could do together.”

With this acquisition, BeyondCore will be uniquely and strategically positioned to amplify its impact in the world of analytics. Even though Salesforce is going around acquiring a number of BI and analytics related companies, it is quite interesting to note that BeyondCore is already integrated with the Salesforce platform. CRM Essentials co-founder and partner Brent Leary says, “Acquisitions can still fill holes in the cloud space. Being able to more seamlessly integrate data analytics with cloud components fills a hole.”

In our previous post, we mentioned that Salesforce’s acquisition of Quip can create a typhoon in the territory of Microsoft. Will Salesforce-BeyondCore association turn out to be a Salesforce trump card to master the game against Microsoft, or will it be a simple strategic merge? We are yet to see that. Let us wait for the next acquisition announcement from the CRM leader. Read more.

Author : admin Date : 16 Aug 2016