Salesforce acquires Quip

salesforce acquire quip

Salesforce is expanding the folds of its umbrella by adding on the kinds of cloud-based apps and services that it offers to the customers, beyond primary CRM services. Two days ago, Salesforce announced that it is going to acquire Quip, the cloud-based word processing app and document collaboration services provider. Salesforce is closing this deal for a total price of $750 million.

Quip was founded by Bret Taylor, former CTO of Facebook in 2012. Quip has mentioned a recent blog post that it will continue to operate its business under the leadership of Salesforce. With this acquisition, Salesforce is strengthening its position in the enterprise market and vying closely with its rival- Microsoft. Salesforce had tried to acquire LinkedIn earlier this year, but the latter made a $26 billion jump into the arms of Microsoft. Read more.

According to Marc Benioff, the Salesforce CEO, this acquisition aligns with his vision on the next generation of Cloud software, where smart machine learning helps people do their everyday jobs easily.

Will the Salesforce-Quip alliance overthrow the Microsoft-Google friendship? Will Quip give Salesforce its own document and spreadsheet software, where Salesforce can access the data stored by people?

Let us wait and watch how this merger is going to impart a unique experience to the users. Read more.

Author : admin Date : 03 Aug 2016